Ignorance is Bliss TV – Stream of Ignorance

We here at Ignorance at Bliss always have our fingers on the pulse of the latest cultural trends. And it just so happens that nowadays you can get televisions inside personal computers. So, in a desperate bid to remain relevant, we present to you Stream of Ignorance (not to be confused Theresa May’s Brexit strategy), the best place on the internet for on-demand programming.

Stranger Strings – When a young boy disappears, his mother and friends must venture into a realm made up of 12 dimensions in order to get him back. Horror/abstract thought may be disturbing for young viewers/engineers.

Sense8! – 40320 strangers are linked by a mental and emotional connection allowing them to share knowledge, language and skills, and learn to survive the irrational hatred of those who fear they threaten the world order.  From the Wachowski Siblings, creators of previous mathematical thrillers The Identity Matrix and Distance/Time Racer.

The Crown of Thorn Starfish – Biographical drama following a young Starfish as it is thrust into the global limelight and balances public scrutiny, family privacy and the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

Very Wet, Very Hot American Summer – In 2021 a summer camp in rural America is preparing for its last day of camp.  It’s one last chance for romantic encounters amid the extreme weather caused by global warming.

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Our narrator takes us through the doom and gloom of 2016.  Strong language and some scenes viewers might find distressing.

Pillmore Girls – American comedy-drama, focussing on a single mother and her daughter working in the R&D department of a big pharma company. Explores family, friendship, the struggles of coming up with the next Viagra, and romance.

Making a Murderer – Reality show which pits teams of behavioural psychologists, Freudian psychoanalysts and neurosurgeons to see who can be the first turn their team’s baby into a killer.  From the makers of the XXY Factor.

White Deer People – Satirical comedy-drama series focusing on escalating racial tensions at an Ivy League college between Homo sapiens and the newly genetically modified Homo odocoileus.  Already being boycotted by White Deer Supremacists

Narcolepsy – A chronicled look at the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, focusing on his battles with drug lords, DEA agents, and falling asleep at inappropriate times. Slapstick comedy.

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