Ignorance is Bliss TV: Controlling What You Watch, and When You Watch It, Part II

Welcome, faithful Cause and Effect reader. Following the recent success of our broadcasting schedule for the new medium of Television, Ignorance is Bliss TV has returned for more high-quality viewing. See below for the full list of programmes.

0700-0900 The Animaliacs

Ensemble cast of organisms from the animal kingdom in a variety of zany roles. Narrated by Sir David Atom-borough.

0900-1100 SmallVilli

Sci-fi sitcom in which an intestinal cell discovers it has superpowers.

1100-1300 Sinefield

The show famously about nothing returns! Sine180 stars as himself, a trigonometric function, discussing various quirky situations that we can all relate to, (especially those of us who frequently act as ratios of two sides of a triangle containing the angle!). Frequently going off on tangents, his eccentric circle of friends contribute to the fun.

1300-1500 Seal or No Seal

Contestants are invited to choose cages containing a number of seals to save or sell. Will you be able to cut a deal with the authorities, or will you end up with a conservational nightmare on your hands?

The seals love it, and you will too!
1500-1600 My Big Fat Gypsy Moth Wedding

A wedding you can smell from 7 miles away.

1600-1800 Game of Stones

Abrasive and erosive intrigue are pervasive. In this song of fire and ice, the three dominant geological groups (Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous) fight to withstand the freeze-thaw weathering that is coming. When you play the Game of Stones, you are neither living or dying.

1800-1900 A Question of Spores

Fungal-based quiz show where our team captains pit their myceliums against each other in a clash of the chitin. Who will come out as top toadstool this week?

1900-2000 The XXY Factor

This week our Klinefelter hopefuls attempt to impress the judges by demonstrating the extent of their hypogonadism. Not one to miss.

2000-2100 Have I Got Cues For You?

Our panel of stars classically condition a member of the public to be terrified of everyday objects, with hilarious results!

2100-2300 Sherlock and Key

New detective series. A reclusive enzyme tries to unravel the mystery of seemingly disconnected denaturing events happening throughout the body.

2300-0300 Red Hot

Live feed of the sun. Warning: As with other RedHot shows, may cause blindness after extended periods of watching.

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