Someone is Behind You

The contents of this article may be too scary for some readers. Parental guidance is advised. In fact, no one should read this. You will literally be scared to death. What’s that you say? You like to be scared? You like being unable to sleep at night, afraid that if for just one second you close your eyes, you could be killed, possessed or worse? Well then, faithful Cause and Effect viewer, brace yourself for pure terror and read on…

Reports coming in this Halloween weekend are suggesting that someone is actually standing right behind you, though confirmation is still required on whether it is a person or a spiritual being from the very depths of Hell itself. Having looked behind you and shakily assured yourself that no one was there, some have argued that you must just be hallucinating that unexplained shadow coming over your shoulder and imagining how cold it suddenly feels.

Scientists are trying to provide an explanation for the fact that the door downstairs just creaked despite no one else being home but you, but have thus far only come up with a weak “probably the wind” theory. This hypothesis doesn’t explain the sound of shackles, the consistent lightening on a clear night sky, or the constant dialing tone you hear when the phone rings though. Or the dread. Nothing explains the dread. They state that it is far more likely that you angered the spirits of the deceased when you taunted that Gypsy the other night, burnt that Ouija Board and played that nasty game of tarot card solitaire…

Your house just turned black and white. How did you not notice?

Despite repeated sightings of small children in the mirror, yet none being there when you turn around, you apparently still refuse to believe anything paranormal is occurring here. Maybe you’re sitting there right now in your unbelieving state, when you get a sudden shudder down your spine. Your hands go cold. Your breathing gets faster and faster and faster, and a single bead of sweat slowly drips down your panicked fa-RIGHT THERE! Did you see it? No? Must be my imagination.

[Sound of maniacal laughter]

You’ll be lying in bed tonight, and those two red eyes will appear on the other side of your room again. You’ll hide under the covers, close your eyes, pull the pillow over your head, praying that you’ll make it to morning, because you know that if it knows that you know it’s there… You just breathed your last breath. And yet you sneak a peak anyway. Perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps because your rational and logical side simply will not believe that anything could possibly have slithered its way into your humble abode without your keen senses picking it up. Whatever the reason, you look, and the unexplained form still lingers, staring, always staring. You’ll turn on your lamp. Nothing there? Then it’ll already be too late.

Yes, that was a wolf howl just then. Sounded pretty far away though. You should probably be more worried about the bat lurking on your ceiling.


The Guy Standing Behind You

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