Ignorance is Bliss TV: Controlling What You Watch, and When You Watch It

Welcome, faithful Cause and Effect readers. This week, something a little bit different. In recent times, our writers have noticed that a new medium of entertainment, known at this time only as “television”, has swept through the nation, providing people with information about current affairs, entertainment news and Brian Cox’s continued plans of universal domination, as well as hard hitting dramas and comical cartoons to name but a few.

Not one to lag behind current trends then, the following is a list of shows that have been put forward for a new channel, Ignorance is Bliss TV, keeping our viewers completely misinformed on current events.

0700-0800 Pokemon: Gotta Cache ‘em All

An in depth look at the unique caching behaviour of Murkrow, who stores Seedot in the ground and in trees for harvest during the winter, when arthropod prey, such as Caterpie, may be scarce.


0800-1000 Everybody Loves Pseudomonas

It never stops for successful proteobacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa, whose oddball family life as a nosocomial infection consists of a fed up MRSA bacterium, several thousand clones doubling every few hours, and a jealous Clostridium difficile on a neighbouring catheter.

One crazy family


1000-1100 Who Do You Think You Are

Well known faces within the Prokaryotic kingdom each embark on individual journeys to answer some questions in regards to their own evolution.

1200-1500 WWF: Roar

4 endangered species, one ring. Natural selection at its finest.

1500-1700 Dragons Den

Survival Series: Budding entrepreneurs have 3 minutes to impress the Komodo Dragons before getting slowly devoured.

1700-1900 Jersey Longshore Drift

A journey to the crown dependency of Jersey, in which our team look at erosion and The Situation facing the island’s beaches.

1900-2100 Kittens got Talent

This week the auditions take place in Cramar Cat Rescue & Sanctuary where 200 hopefuls try to impress future owners by drinking milk, playing with balls of string and looking adorable.

2100-2300 Live at the Apollo 13

Comedy – Listening to the recovered Black Box from the ill-fated mission. Adult humour.

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