Logger Once Again Kills a Species that Could Have Saved Lives

It’s been reported that a selfish Brazilian logger recently destroyed a rare species of plant, found only in the Amazon rainforest, which could have cured generations to come from a fatal illness, had its medicinal properties been fully realised.

Estefan Ferreyra, a worker from Manaus plying his trade in the Amazon rainforest, callously disregarded the future potential to the human race of any number of plants, animals and fungi last week by doing the job that he is paid to do – that is mercilessly chopping down trees so that his country may export them. The foolish logger seemed to have little idea as to the consequences of his actions.

“[The manager] Señor Gonzales told me to cover a particular area. I did this. I see no problem,” The bumbling buffoon stated, clearly unaware that he may have ploughed straight through the habitat of Epipedobates flavopictus, a rare Poison Dart frog.

Yet another creature thrown in the way of cruel Ferreyra

“Please, I have a family to feed,” he continued, oblivious to the biodiversity of the planet he may be reducing.

The Amazon Rainforest, situated primarily in Brazil, is thought to be home to largest number of different species on Earth. Not only this, but it also acts as a carbon reservoir – taking in a large amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and thereby delaying the effects of global warming. Ferreyra appeared to believe this was unimportant.

“Why are you questioning me?” The logger queried, clearly nervous about what other atrocities could be uncovered that he may have committed. “I don’t speak English.”

The man in charge of the operation, Alfredo Gonzales, was much more co-operative. “I can only apologise if our activities have caused harm or distress to others,” he said, smoking an ivory pipe while sitting on a leopard skin seat.

Tribes in the local area are thought to be angered by the destruction of their home as well, and believe that the spirit of Mother Nature will bring a swift punishment on those who would damage her planet, though they could not be reached for a comment.

Between 1970 and 2010, an area larger than the size of Texas was believed to have been lost by deforestation. Opponents suggest losing Texas instead.


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