Medical Scientist Finally Discovers Empirical Location for G-spot

The G-spot: a female erogenous zone often cloaked in mystery.  Previous reports have concluded that the fabled spot is not a fixed structure, merely the result of opinion and cultural influence.  This is set to change with the recent findings of Dale Urton from the Saint George’s University in London.

Using revolutionary techniques, Urton, whilst working alone, was able to provide a definite location for the G-spot within the female physique.  Urton has since issued a statement.

“Now, I don’t mean to brag, but I turned up, and a couple of minutes later I was like ‘BAM G-spot!’.” A follow up has been released on the Universities website “Sorted, G-spot found. Smashed it.  Standard.  Pub. Get the banter ready, boys.”  The discovery was received with great jubilation as fellow male colleagues were seen hi-fiving him and remarking “that’s how it’s done.”  His methods, however, have drawn criticism from other members of the scientific community.

Lucas Carr, a chemist, has questioned the originality of the research.  “All I’m saying is, I’ve known about it for years.  You know me, I know my way around.” At this point he invited me to hi-five him.  I declined.

Mrs Jennifer Urton, a psychologist told us “theory is all well and good, but in pursuits such as this it’s the application that is important.  And in regards to Mr Urton I see no evidence of application.”

Mathematicians have also joined in the hunt for the G-spot, but have thus far been unsuccessful.

Sarah Skene, a Surgeon at Queen Mary’s, has raised concerns over the usefulness of the research and worries that funds are being spent in the wrong areas, “why do we even need a man to tell us this?  All you had to do was ask, but you never ask.”

Despite these concerns, a follow up study is to be conducted on the grounds of ‘Playa’s gotta play’.


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