Japanese Scientists Continue to Revolutionise Whaling Research

Whales are the graceful giants of the seas, they plunge depths unknown to both sunlight and human inquiry.  They are the result of natural selection sculpting and streamlining a land-dwelling mammal, and can reach gargantuan sizes thanks to the support of their oceanic domain.  It is surprising that the awe generated upon seeing one of these magnificent creatures has not inspired generation upon generation of whale watchers.  This, however, is all set to change with the first, of a planned twelve, monthly articles published by the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR). Continue reading “Japanese Scientists Continue to Revolutionise Whaling Research”

You have 1 Friend Request(s)

The ghost in the machine has invaded the social network.  Two research groups revealed this week they have developed programmes that imitate humans, using computers to communicate with other humans. Continue reading “You have 1 Friend Request(s)”

Doctors Debate Telling Patients That They Are Complete Morons

In a controversial move in the medical world, experts are considering telling patients, who up until now thought that they were healthy citizens, that they are in fact complete dumbasses who should just save time and mace themselves every time they open their mouths. Continue reading “Doctors Debate Telling Patients That They Are Complete Morons”

Medical Scientist Finally Discovers Empirical Location for G-spot

The G-spot: a female erogenous zone often cloaked in mystery.  Previous reports have concluded that the fabled spot is not a fixed structure, merely the result of opinion and cultural influence.  This is set to change with the recent findings of Dale Urton from the Saint George’s University in London. Continue reading “Medical Scientist Finally Discovers Empirical Location for G-spot”